in the middle of a rising pandemic with unemployment and homeless rates quickly growing, most businesses and programs that help unsheltered people get basic necessities closed down.

watching the camps constantly harrased by police while not having supplies to survive quickly showed us that we needed to take things into our own hands.

for over 2 months we've been collecting community donations to buy basic hygiene items (mouthwash, kleenex, menstrual products, masks, baby wipes, masks, etc), snacks, sandwich supplies, vitamins, water & sports drinks.

each Sunday afternoon a handful of us meet up to assemble the kits and hand them out to camps around SLC, as well as water drops throughout the week, most weeks we've been able to make around 100 kits entirely from donations!!

campers have been absolutely blown away that all of these supplies come from donations and they are more grateful than words could explain.

we've been asked by street-based folk a few times if we're getting paid to do this every week (lol as if the city would ever).

we're currently working on organizing in a more official and sustainable way, but we're so proud of the impact we've been able to make purely off of the money our friends, family, and community members have donated.

thank you/love you(:

...Past fun...

compilation artwork
conceptually inspired by furniture music, kanky┼Ź ongaku, the ~quarantine situation of the titular novel, grasping for some means of relaxation during a disturbingly long chain of stressful moments... the world only got more nuts since these were constructed/put together but i hope they could still provide some sort of comfort like an aural blanket